A Lucky Duck Halloween

This weekend was one for the books!

On top of it being Halloween we ended up having nearly all of the OG Lucky Ducks back together for a few days. Chase, Jeinni, Myles and Sarah had all planned trips to come stay with us awhile ago, so I had already been looking forward to seeing all of them. To make things even more exciting, Russell and Collin came down from Atlanta to surprise everyone and Alex and Lexi made a spontaneous trip up from Tampa last minute to join in on the reunion too.

Halloween weekend obviously wouldn’t be complete without getting dressed up for a party. Our group was composed of a bearded man, a 1920’s era couple, a witch, Tom Cruise in Risky Business, a hippie girl, and a piece of bacon. If you ever find yourself scrambling to come up with a free costume 10 minutes before a Halloween party just follow these 3 easy steps like I did:

  • Step 1: Find a male and borrow a dress shirt from him.
  • Step 2: Put on said dress shirt, socks, and some sunglasses.
  • Step 3: Dance around.

BOOM now you’re Tom Cruise from Risky Business, you didn’t spend a dime, and you don’t have to wear pants for a night. I know, I know, so original!

This weekend was also the always highly anticipated FSU vs. Clemson game so we spent all day Saturday buying supplies to tailgate before kickoff. We hung out around Denny’s for a few hours until part of the group headed to the stadium and the rest of us went to the Whisky House to watch the game there. I’ve also included a bunch of pictures from our tailgate below, I must say this was one weekend where owning a selfie stick was really useful.

It was such a great weekend being able to spend time with so many friends that have moved out of Tallahassee. I miss them all so much already but I know we’ll have plenty more reunions in the future and I just feel so lucky to be apart of such a cool group of friends.


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